Friday, December 16, 2011

Where should I go birding in January?

The Coast? Mountains? Desert? Gorge? Sound? Valley? The Pacific Northwest has it all. But sometimes I just can't decide where I should go birding. If I don't plan in advance, I'll end up at the local sewage pond wetlands... again. Not that this is a bad thing, but sometimes I'd like to go to a new place and see different birds.

In this monthly post I ask: Where are you planning on watching birds in the coming month and what species do you hope to see there? Leave your response in the Comments section as ideas for others. While I am looking primarily for birding locations and target species in the Pacific NW, please feel free to mention other places in western North America, or anywhere in the world.

Field trip organizers are also welcome to use the Comments section to announce field trips in the Pacific NW. Be sure to indicate if free or fee and contact information for those interested in attending.

Additionally, I'll list next month's bird festivals, as well. If you organize or regularly attend one of these festivals, what do you especially like about the Festival and what are the target birds? If you know of birding events or festivals next month, leave a comment as well.

As for myself, I like to bird the Oregon coast in January, searching for Rock Sandpipers at Seal Rock or Depoe Bay, and Long-tailed Ducks and Ancient Murrelets from Boiler Bay.

Bird Festivals:

Wings Over Wilcox
11-15 January 2012
Wilcox, Arizona

Morro Bay Winter Bird Festival
13-16 January 2012
Morro Bay, California

St. George Winter Bird Festival
26-28 January 2012
St. George, Utah

Snow Goose Festival of the Pacific Flyway
26-29 January 2012
Chico, California

Winter Bird Festival
28 January 2012
Galt, California

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  1. I have the same problem- if I don't have a plan I just end up going to the same old places. I finally made it to Ocean Shores this weekend, and next month I would love to get up to the Skagit Valley and see the Snow Geese and hopefully lots of raptors... If I had a snow-worthy vehicle I would definitely head to eastern Oregon for any of the awesome birds out there...