Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Field-friendly bird sequence
Miscellaneous Landbirds

Pileated Woodpecker. Beaverton, Oregon. February 4, 2012 by Greg Gillson.

The 13 categories of North American birds listed in the Field-friendly bird sequence: Part II are:

Swimming Waterbirds
Flying Waterbirds
Wading Waterbirds
Chicken-like Birds
Miscellaneous Landbirds
Aerial Landbirds
Flycatcher-like Birds
Thrush-like Songbirds
Chickadee and Wren-like Songbirds
Warbler-like Songbirds
Sparrow and Finch-like Songbirds
Blackbird-like Songbirds

A beginner should be able to quickly place a bird they see into one of these categories.

Pigeons, cuckoos, kingfisher, woodpeckers, jays and crows make up this category of odds-and-ends. It seems that no matter what alternative one uses to classify birds, there are always some that don't seem to fit with others. These are generally larger birds; they don't have musical songs; and don't fit into the previous categories we discussed. Most are fairly distinctive and familiar--even to non-birders.

Rock Pigoen
Rock Pigeon. Portland, Oregon. February 19, 2011 by Greg Gillson.

Belted Kingfisher. Forest Grove, Oregon. November 6, 2004 by Greg Gillson.

Black-billed Magpie. Frenchglen, Oregon. May 25, 2009 by Greg Gillson.


  1. I'm absolutely jealous of the black-billed magpie photo; mine are horrifically camera-shy and I can never capture them. Well done!

  2. Thanks, Melissa. You are right. While this photo looks OK small, I don't have any good that are larger!