Monday, February 18, 2013

Most misidentified birds?

What would you guess are the most misidentified birds in the Pacific Northwest?

That's a question I tackled on the Birding is Fun! blog last week. There I present 10 birds or bird-pairs or trios that give beginners trouble.

Two weeks ago I presented information on one toughie--the reddish form of Song Sparrow in the Pacific Northwest in "Song Sparrow or Fox Sparrow?"

In the future I'll be writing ID articles for these ID's that give many problems--not because they are rare, but actually common. Check it out: "10 most misidentified birds in the Pacific Northwest."


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  2. I'll try this again with correct spelling: Thanks for this post. As someone on the other site said, now I don't feel like such a dolt when I struggle with ID.

  3. Truth, Cathy. Not to mention all the variation that may exist within a species - sometimes we spend more time pondering what we saw, then even all the time we spent in the field! At least I do anyway!

  4. It's so hard to learn on our own. I did most of my early birding alone, but spent long summer days in the woods, gaining experience. Still, took giant leaps ahead whenever I birded with others more advanced. So hard to do with just online birding--need actual time in the field with a mentor.