Saturday, December 7, 2013

Not the Pacific Northwest

December 6, 2013
 As you can see from the photo above I am no longer living in the Pacific Northwest.

At the end of September Marlene and I made a long-dreamed move to the San Diego area. We thought we had a great job working together in a beautiful area. Our best-laid plans didn't work out exactly as we hoped. Our job lasted only 3 weeks. We thought we were going to have to move back to the Pacific Northwest and abandon our dream. It wasn't until December that we found another job in San Marcos in San Diego's "North County." [The city of San Diego is about 20 miles north and south and 10 miles east and west. Every area of the very large San Diego County not in the city limits is either North County or East County.]

So this is the end of this blog. It started covering backyard birds of the Pacific Northwest [See Backyard Birds of Portland, Oregon for links to each common backyard bird]. When I had covered those adequately, I went on to more advanced topics [See Advanced Birding means learning the basics]. In most cases this has been an educational blog, not a personal blog.

I have been thinking about my next blog. Do I really want to start another? Why? What would be its topic? I think a personal blog might be what I want to write. It would still intersperse photos and commentary of birds I see in San Diego, but also cover a myriad of other personal interests and observations. If/when I start such a blog I will put the link below. For now, it is goodbye...

See my new blog: Greg in San Diego

Greg Gillson