Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Foto: Foggy chickadee

Black-capped ChickadeeBlack-capped Chickadee, Cooper Mountain Nature Park, Beaverton, Oregon, 26 January 2011 by Greg Gillson.


A couple of weeks ago I featured a Chestnut-backed Chickadee in the sun.

This week, we have a Black-capped Chickadee in the fog.

When I read Rich Dich's photography blog I get jealous. He's in Arizona, getting up with the sun.

Here in western Oregon's drab winters, we may not see the sun for days at a time, and rarely at dawn. More often than not it is dark and foggy in the morning. It may start breaking up a bit by noon... only to reveal a high overcast. Then it will likely fog back in by 3 p.m.

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