Monday, May 21, 2012

Field-friendly bird sequence
Wading Waterbirds

Greater YellowlegsGreater Yellowlegs, Hillsboro, Oregon, 21 April 2010 by Greg Gillson.


The 13 categories of North American birds listed in the Field-friendly bird sequence: Part II are:

Swimming Waterbirds
Flying Waterbirds
Wading Waterbirds
Chicken-like Birds
Miscellaneous Landbirds
Aerial Landbirds
Flycatcher-like Birds
Thrush-like Songbirds
Chickadee and Wren-like Songbirds
Warbler-like Songbirds
Sparrow and Finch-like Songbirds
Blackbird-like Songbirds

A beginner should be able to quickly place a bird they see into one of these categories.

Most wading waterbirds are generally long-legged and long necked. Many have longer bills for probing in mud for food. They can be solitary or in flocks, depending upon species and time of year. Though most are found near wetlands, others can be found in open grassland settings.

Wading waterbirds include shorebirds, herons, cranes, and rails.

Sandhill CraneSandhill Crane, Harney Co., Oregon, 24 May 2009 by Greg Gillson.


White-faced IbisWhite-faced Ibis, Harney Co., Oregon, 24 May 2009 by Greg Gillson.


SanderlingSanderling, Coos Bay, Oregon, 28 August 2011 by Greg Gillson.


Great Blue HeronGreat Blue Heron, Forest Grove, Oregon, 18 January 2010 by Greg Gillson.